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Our Mission

To inspire your healthiest relationship with food & body through a weight-inclusive, individualized, and holistic approach to support your wellbeing.

To empower our patients to break up with the diet culture, repair their relationship with food by guiding them to trust and respect their bodies.

Our Vision

Our Values

Our team of Dietitian’s at Branz Nutrition Counseling, LLC specializes in the treatment of eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating, body image, weight-inclusive, Health at Every Size nutrition counseling for both adolescents and adults. 


We believe full recovery from diets and disorder eating is within reach for all people. We work with individuals of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, body shapes, weights, and sexual orientations. On the sidelines, cheering you on to food freedom. 


We believe that the number on the scale does NOT define your greatness and that ALL foods fit. From cupcakes and cookies to salad and strawberries. Don’t let disordered food beliefs steal moments in your life you can’t get back.

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