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Dance Class

Certified Dietitian Nutritionists for Dancers in the St. Louis Area, Optimize Performance and Rebuild Your Relationship with Food and Body

Meet Your Nutrient Needs with Medical Nutrition Therapy for a Plant-Based, Vegetarian, or Vegan Diet

What is a dance nutritionist?

A registered dietitian nutritionist can help dancers with their health, relationship with food/body/movement, and sports performance. It is important that dancers are performing to their optimal level, recovering properly from their practices and recitals, and taking care of their overall health. 

Ballet dancers

What nutrition does a dancer need?

Dancers are considered athletes. This means their energy needs and nutrition look different compared to the general public. With the expertise of a registered dietitian, these nutrition needs can be determined together while caring for their sport demands and relationship with food/body/movement.

Dancing Guy

Treatment for Eating Disorders in Dancers:

Sports that place a focus on weight, aesthetics, and leanness are known for having an increase risk for eating disorders. With the pressures that dance can involve, it can be extremely helpful to have a dietitian be apart of your support circle. 


We meet our athletes with compassion and understanding for their sports' unique demands while individualizing nutrition care.

Young Dancers

Nutritional Strategy for Dancers: 

Nutrition is tailored to the individual's energy and nutrient needs, calculated by a registered dietitian.


Athletes have higher energy needs than the general public due to their sport and need for recovery. They also have different physical pressures, varying practice schedules, and so forth that our dietitians can work together with.

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