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Eating Disorders can Affect Anyone - Even Men

The month of June focuses on many important issues, and one of them is Men's Mental Health Awareness Month!

Sadly, there's a common belief that men don't experience eating disorders, which has made it difficult for men to have the space to talk about these concerns. This lack of acknowledgment can have profound repercussions because the effects of an eating disorder may worsen. Eating disorders within males may also look slightly different than cis females, especially if reverse anorexia and/or muscle dysmorphia are present.

Common Signs & Symptoms:

  • Wearing baggy clothing and/or laying clothes to hide body

  • Obsession with building muscle

  • Isolating self from social events, especially ones involving food

  • Binging episodes

There is no shame to ask for help - we want you to feel strong and confident in your body. Feel free to reach out to one of our dietitians to add them to your support circle!