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Michelle Wilson - Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and ARFID Training

We're excited to share about how Michelle Wilson (they/she), one of our wonderful dietitians, has recently achieved certifications in ARFID and Intuitive Eating. In this post, we'll explore the significance of Michelle's journey and the impact it promises to have on the world of nutrition and well-being.

Meet Michelle Wilson, MS, RDN, CED-S, CIEC

Michelle Wilson has long been a passionate advocate for healthy and balanced eating. Their journey into the world of nutrition began with a personal quest to develop a healthier relationship with food. Along the way, they discovered the importance of understanding and addressing various challenges related to eating habits.

Becoming ARFID Certified: A Dedication to Understanding Food Aversion

This certification reflects their commitment to understanding and assisting individuals who struggle with extreme selective eating habits. ARFID is a complex condition that often goes unrecognized, but Michelle's certification demonstrates their dedication to helping those who may have been overlooked or misunderstood.

Why ARFID Certification Matters:

  • Specialized Knowledge: ARFID certification equips Michelle with specialized knowledge to support individuals who face significant challenges in diversifying their diet. With this certification, they can provide valuable insights and strategies to help clients expand their food choices.

  • Increased Empathy: By deepening their understanding of ARFID, Michelle is better positioned to empathize with those who experience it. They can offer a more compassionate and effective approach to their journey towards healthier eating habits.

  • Breaking Stigmas: Raising awareness about ARFID and becoming certified in addressing it is an essential step in breaking the stigma associated with selective eating disorders. Michelle is actively contributing to a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with ARFID.

Intuitive Eating Certification: Embracing a Holistic Approach to Well-Being

In addition to ARFID certification, Michelle has also achieved certification in Intuitive Eating. This approach empowers individuals to develop a healthier relationship with food by listening to their body's cues and fostering a positive attitude towards eating.

Why Intuitive Eating Certification Matters:

  • A Holistic Approach: Intuitive eating goes beyond dieting or rigid food rules. Michelle's certification in this approach allows them to guide clients in embracing a holistic way of nourishing their bodies and minds.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Intuitive eating focuses on the mind-body connection, teaching individuals to trust their body's hunger and fullness cues. This empowers clients to make food choices that align with their unique needs.

  • Embracing Joyful Eating: With intuitive eating, Michelle can help individuals rediscover the joy of eating. By developing a positive relationship with food, clients can experience less stress and guilt surrounding their meals.

Michelle's dual certification in ARFID and Intuitive Eating represents a powerful combination, equipping them to support clients with diverse needs on their journey to healthier relationships with food.

We are excited to see the incredible impact that Michelle Wilson's journey will have on individuals and families looking to enhance their well-being. Their commitment to understanding the complexities of selective eating and fostering a holistic approach to nutrition is a testament to their dedication to promoting healthier, happier lives.


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