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What do you know about Weight Stigma?

What do you know about Weight Stigma?

Did you know...

BMI was never created to be used as a medical tool?

Fad diets do not lead to long-term weight loss?

Body neutrality is different from body positivity?

Fat is not a feeling?

Healthy At Every Size (HAES) is intended to approach eating and living WITHOUT focusing on weight loss?

Diet culture & society perpetuate the idea that

we should always be pursuing thinness. But thinness does not equal health.

So what is weight stigma or fat stigma? Fat Liberation activists use "fat" as a neutral term to describe body size, reclaiming a word that makes many people uncomfortable. Weight or fat stigma is a public health issue, as many medical professionals will fail to appropriately screen fat people for medical conditions. Studies show that... - Medical professionals often overlook the medical concerns of people in larger bodies - Anti-fat or weight bias has become a public health issue - Weight is not an accurate indicator of health - HAES promotes compassionate wellness If you'd like to read more about Fat Stigma and the research behind the HAES approach, check out this article. If you're ready to ditch diet culture, book your free call below!


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