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What Does It Mean to be a HAES Provider?

Being a Health at Every Size (HAES) provider means focusing on the whole person, not just their weight. It's about treating everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of their body shape or size. Instead of obsessing over numbers on a scale, HAES promotes healthy habits like balanced eating, enjoyable physical activity, and good mental health.

  • Respect and Inclusivity: Treating all individuals, regardless of their body size or shape, with respect and without judgment.

  • Focus on Health, Not Weight: Prioritizing health behaviors and outcomes over weight loss or specific body weight goals. This involves promoting physical, emotional, and social well-being without tying it to achieving a particular weight.

  • Critical Thinking about Health Information: Encouraging patients to critically evaluate health information and avoid approaches that promote weight stigma or unhealthy behaviors in the pursuit of weight loss.

  • Promotion of Sustainable Health Practices: Supporting patients in adopting sustainable habits such as balanced nutrition, enjoyable physical activity, adequate sleep, and stress management, irrespective of their current weight.

  • Advocacy for Social Justice: Addressing systemic inequalities that affect health outcomes, including advocating for policies and practices that promote access to healthcare, nutritious food, and safe physical environments for all individuals.

At Branz Nutrition, we adopted the Health at Every Size approach and provide our clients a safe space to grow their nutrition skills.