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Insurance for Nutrition Care, Eating Disorder Treatment, and Medical Nutrition Therapy

Affordable Nutrition Therapy with Insurance

We take insurance!

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Here’s an easy three-step process to find out if you’re covered! 

Step One: Call your insurance provider (the number on the back of your insurance card) and have your insurance ID and reason for the visit ready.


Step Two: Call the member services number on the back of your card and ask:

  1. Does my plan cover outpatient nutrition counseling? (codes: 97802 and 97803)

  • If yes, how many how many sessions are allowed?

  • Does my plan only cover visits that are “medically necessary” or does it also cover preventive services? (code: Z71.3)

  1. Does my plan cover telehealth for nutrition counseling? (location code: 02)

  2. Do I have a deductible to meet first?

  • If yes, how much is my deductible?

  • How much of the deductible have I met?

  1. Do I have a copay for outpatient nutrition counseling?

  2. Do I need a physician referral?

  3. Record the representative’s name and a reference # when checking your benefits. This information will be necessary if you ever need to dispute a rejected claim.


Step Three: Make an appointment and get started!

Please Note: Insurances sometimes say one thing and then commit to another. This form can be helpful with facilitating a conversation to verify your benefits however, we are not held responsible for charges that your health insurance may bill as this is out of our control unfortunately.

How much does one-on-one nutrition therapy cost (virtual or in-person)?

We believe everyone should access affordable nutrition counseling. Here are our self-pay rates.

Discovery Call (15 minutes): Complimentary

Initial Consultation (90 minutes): $195

Follow-Up Sessions (30-60 minutes): $100-$145

Our discovery call is for you to meet virtually with one of our dietitians and ask questions to make sure we are a good fit for what it is you’re looking for.

Support your recovery with intuitive eating coaching, recovery coaching, and other virtual nutrition counseling services

While nutritional counseling can be beneficial for various conditions, we find that, specifically for those suffering from disordered eating, continuous support and ongoing accountability is the game changer in achieving recovery.

We developed and highly recommend our online intuitive eating membership in conjunction with 1:1 sessions. Due to the limited structure that insurance-based counseling allowed for eating disorder recovery, we found that patients needed additional support and, without it, reported it prolonging their recovery to food freedom.

Our online course offers exactly this. Learn more about our holistic approach to eating disorder recovery and register for the online program here.

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