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Need More Support with Your Recovery?

Want More Accountability in The Week?

One Session/Week with your RD Not Enough?

Rest assured, you have caring professionals who want to be a part of your journey and success!

Introducing our Recovery Coaching – a dedicated service designed to assist with fortifying the foundations laid out by your trusted dietitian outside of sessions. You've already surmounted a significant hurdle and we're here to stand alongside you as you navigate the journey towards better health. 

In your journey for food freedom, it's vital to have a nourishing support system. Our unwavering focus centers on dismantling the obstacles that may hinder you from adhering to the expert guidance of your dietitian. Beyond merely setting goals, we're committed to empowering you to achieve them, while nurturing your adherence to a balanced lifestyle.

No longer left to navigate the challenges solo, you'll have the reassurance and consistent support to strive towards a healthier relationship with food and your body. Are you ready to break free from diet culture and embrace food freedom?

Who Can Benefit From a Recovery Coach

Recovery coaching can be a suitable option for individuals who are experiencing eating disorders, distorted eating patterns, restrictive diets, body perception concerns, excessive exercising, and intrusive thoughts related to food, exercise, or body image.

It's important to recognize that seeking assistance is valuable regardless of whether you have received a formal eating disorder diagnosis. You deserve to receive support and having a coach could be a beneficial addition to your support team.

What Do We Offer

Option One

3-month Support

Option Two

6-month Support

What is Included:

  • Weekly 30 minute Check-In

    • Assistance with reinforcing and putting the recommendations a dietitian prescribed into action

    • Having your coach be present and supportive during meal/snack times

    • Having your coach eat the same foods together

    • Help with navigating the grocery store and grocery trips

  • Chat Support

We offer convenient online booking!

Serving clients online, and locally in O’Fallon, IL

and Webster Groves, MO

Telehealth sessions are available in the following states:


Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut

Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana

Iowa | Kansas | Michigan | Missouri | Nevada  

New Hampshire | Oklahoma | Oregon South Carolina | Texas

Utah | Vermont | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

Eating Disorder Treatment is a multi-disciplinary approach.

We recommend all our clients have a team in place.

A dietitian, therapist, psychiatrist, primary care doctor, pediatrician, etc.

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