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Clinical Supervision

​Clinical Supervision for Professionals with a focus on
Eating Disorders and Intuitive Eating

Erica Branz is an iaedp™ Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian and

 Approved Supervisor (CEDRD-S). Under Branz Nutrition Counseling, LLC, Erica offers clinical supervision to dietitians interested in training for eating disorders, intuitive eating, exercise, and body image.


What is Clinical Supervision: 


Clinical Supervision is a gold standard for counselors and therapists, although not a common practice for registered dietitian nutritionists. We need support in our career, Erica included, and that’s exactly what supervision offers. 


Clinical Supervision entails working with a nutrition mentor to help you develop and advance in your profession. Overall, growing your confidence as an eating disorders professional. Supervision is like the fast track to becoming the best version of your professional self. Not only that, but it ensures you are providing the best possible care and improved outcomes to your clients. 


The wonders of clinical supervision are that the frequency and content are completely up to YOU. Typically, dietitians meet with Erica on a monthly basis. Topics of conversations include but are not limited to, case consultation, guidance on stuck points and questions with your clinical cases, identity treatment practices to improve client engagement and care, developments in areas where you feel like you are lacking, business coaching, perceived mistakes, and struggles, and most importantly celebrating your achievements. 

Individual Supervision


$135 (55 minute session)

$375 (3 individual sessions) 

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