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Hi, I'm Erica!


Erica started in the field of eating disorders 15 years ago, working part-time at a local eating disorder treatment center in St. Louis. When not at the treatment center, she was at a local children’s hospital as a dietitian working in the weight management clinic with adolescents.

Two completely different sides of the spectrum!


Seeing the shame, guilt, and disappointment in the children’s eyes from the weight management clinic each time they got weighed and didn’t hit their prescribed MD weight loss goal for the week made her realize how this could quickly set them up for disordered eating. It could potentially land them into the ED clinic she worked at when instead of at the weight management clinic. It was an easy decision for Erica at the point of what population she resonated with more and went full-time at the ED treatment center.


Upon starting her family, she realized she needed a better work/life balance but wasn’t ready to stop working. She decided to leave her steady job with ONE outpatient and open her own practice, which, over the years, has turned into a group practice. 

Throughout that time, she obtained the credentials to become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Consultant (CEDS-C) with the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

She looks forward to helping others obtain supervision hours to meet their own certification goals and recognizes the importance of that individual having experience running a business as well.

Erica offers group and 1:1 supervision to dietitians weekly.
Investment in 1:1 Supervision and Coaching
$155/session, meeting once/month with a 6-month commitment.


Prefer the Group Setting? Check out our next cohort starting in 2024.
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Group Supervision + CEU Credits!

​Clinical Supervision for Professionals with a focus on
Eating Disorders and Intuitive Eating

Do you want additional support and group collaboration to discuss tough cases?

Ready to work towards your Certified Eating Disorder Certificate through IAEDP?

Do you want to meet like-minded professionals and earns CEU's?

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If So, This Group Is For You!



This group is only offered four times per year, and space is limited to 6 participants. 


FOUR 60-minute Group Sessions

Jan 16th, Feb 13th, March 12th, and April 9th of 2024


This supervision is approved by CDR to provide 6 CEU's!


  • Guidance and Questions On Your Clinical Cases

  • Identity Treatment Modalities To Improve Client Engagement 

  • Growth Developments in Areas Where You Feel Like You Are Stuck 

  • Business Coaching and Goal Setting

  • Setting Boundaries with Clients and Professionals

  • Working through Perceived Mistakes

  • Support with Career and Client Struggles

  • Weekly Hot Seat Questions

  • And MOST Importantly-Celebrating Your Achievements​​

Book Recommendations

These books are recommended to enhance education in the field of eating disorders. (Books are not included in the group fee and must be purchased separately).

o    Sick Enough by Jennifer L. Gauduan


You'll have 120-day access to a group chat discussion board for support in between group session. 


$50 deposit with four $50 monthly payments for a total investment of $250 



Want to Become a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian through IAEDP? 

IAEDP recommends no less than:

1 hour of supervision per 120 hours of client contact.

You need a minimum of 21 hours of total supervision by a CEDS-S.

The 1 hour of supervision may include both Individual and Group Supervision.


The ratio of Individual supervision to Group Supervision is recommended to be: 

Individual @ 16 hours (75%), Group @ 5 hours (25%)


Not interested in groups? Prefer 1:1 Supervision?


No problem! Click below to sign up for Individual Supervision.


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