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ADHD and Binge Eating - Get Treatment with Dietitians from the St. Louis Area

Is there a link between ADHD and BED?

Yes, there definitely can be a link between the two as research indicates that individuals with ADHD may be at a higher risk for developing binge eating due to impulsivity, emotional regulation, reward sensitivity and executive functioning deficits.

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How do you manage ADHD and Binge Eating?

This can often include a multidisciplinary approach with nutrition counseling from an eating disorder dietitian, medication management, to address both ADHD and binge eating behaviors and therapeutic treatments like CBT and DBT.

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Nutrition Therapy to Treat Concurrent ADHD and BED:

This is individualized to each patient, however an RD in our practice is likely to recommend regular meal patterns, balance intake, mindfulness practices, stress management, reducing binging triggers, and working to provide structure and routine around meals and snacks.

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