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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment with Expert Dietitian Nutritionists in the St. Louis Area, Illinois & Missouri

Achieve Eating Disorder Recovery

Heal the relationship you have with your body and food.


Reach a healthy body weight. Identify triggers. Reduce or eliminate negative behaviors associated with eating. Achieve recovery with caring professionals who will support and guide you toward whole-body health and wellbeing. Experience freedom around food, exercise, and your body.

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Access Medical Nutrition Therapy for Binge Eating Disorder with Dietitians from Missouri and Illinois

Achieve recovery from binge eating with help from expert dietitian nutritionists. Weight-inclusive nutrition care, outpatient treatment programs, family-based treatment, and supportive, professional therapy provide you with the tools you need to overcome food anxiety and body dysmorphia. Make an appointment for in-person or online nutrition therapy. Achieve freedom around food, exercise, and your body. 

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What is binge eating disorder?

Binge Eating Disorder, also known as BED, is a serious mental health disorder that affects up to 2% of the population. It is a severe condition characterized by feeling out of control when eating and consuming much larger quantities of food than usual. 

While occasional overeating is not uncommon, experiencing a persistent sense of loss of control over eating and regularly consuming abnormally large quantities of food may be a sign of binge-eating disorder.

People with BED often experience feelings of embarrassment or shame about their eating episodes. They may attempt to restrict or drastically reduce their food intake, which can intensify cravings and perpetuate the cycle.

We believe recovery is possible with nutrition therapy and coaching. We can help you stop feeling guilt and shame and heal your relationship with food and body.

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What causes binge eating disorder?

The exact cause of BED is unknown, but there can be a variety of factors, like genetics, environmental and psychological factors, and mental illness. Frequency with on and off again dieting (yo-yo dieting) may play a part, trauma, poor self-esteem, low confidence, and life events may trigger or exacerbate binge eating behaviors.

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How to know if you have binge eating disorder?

Common symptoms may include but not limited to:

  1. Eating large amount of food in a short period of time

  2. Feeling a lack of control during these episodes

  3. Eating when not physically hungry

  4. Eating until uncomfortably full

  5. Eating rapidly during binge episodes

  6. Eating alone or in secret due to embarrassment

  7. Feeling preoccupied with body shape and weight

Awareness is key to getting help for you or someone you love. Someone struggling with BED may become adept at hiding behavior. This is because of those feelings of guilt and shame. If you suspect someone you care about is struggling with binge eating, it's important to have a candid, caring conversation with them and reach out for help from eating disorder specialists.

What does nutrition therapy do for binge eating disorder?

Nutrition therapy for BED includes:

  • Meeting the patient where they are at.

  • Setting attainable goals around minimizing behaviors by ensuring the client struggling is actually eating enough during the day. (Restricting can be the number one culprit to overeating/binging later on in the day.)

  • Determining what foods the patient enjoys eating, and what foods make them nervous to be around.

  • Working together with a dietitian to normalize eating again while minimizing binging behaviors.

It’s important to note that this problem most likely did not develop overnight, and it will take some time to overcome your eating disorder as well. With the right support and treatment plan, recovery is possible. 

What is the treatment for binge eating disorder?

Because BED is a complex disorder, recovery often requires a multidisciplinary team of a dietitian for nutrition therapy, a therapist for challenging thoughts/feelings around food, and a psychiatrist for medication management if needed. We all work collaboratively with the patient to improve their destructive behavior and get them back on the right path again to food freedom. Likewise, at Branz Nutrition Counseling, we offer family-based treatment to provide families and caregivers with the tools they need to help provide support during the healing process. You are not alone.

How much does medical nutrition therapy cost for BED?

This really depends on the patient's insurance plan, however most insurance plans cover up to 100% or at times leaving the patient with a small copay/deductible compared to paying out of pocket. We always recommend checking your insurance benefits regarding nutrition coverage.

Our Team of Dietitian Nutritionists and  Eating Disorder Specialists in the Greater St. Louis Area

Branz Nutrition Counseling is a team of certified eating disorder dietitians who provide compassionate care to those struggling with their relationship to food. Our approach is weight-inclusive, LGBTQIA+, and social justice-oriented, which means that we believe that everyone deserves access to quality care. 


We can't wait to meet you!

With locations in Illinois and Missouri, we offer both virtual and in-person counseling sessions. And, we are licensed to provide Telehealth nutrition therapy to  patients around the country.

Alaska | Arizona | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Missouri | New York | New Hampshire | Massachusetts  | Oklahoma | Oregon  Pennsylvania | Texas  |  Utah | Vermont | Washington | West Virginia |Wisconsin | Wyoming


We see clients in person in the St. Louis area, Missouri, Illinois, and from around the country via Telehealth. Learn more here.

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