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Holistic Nutritionist in the St. Louis Area, Missouri, and Illinois – Medical Nutrition Therapy with Expert Dietitian Nutritionists

What is a holistic nutritionist?

A holistic dietitian approaches food and health from the whole person - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects rather than just focusing on the individual nutrients or dietary restrictions. As dietitians who practice holistic nutrition, we provide online or in-person nutrition counseling. Our approach includes:

  • Individualized Assessment: We evaluate your personal health history, lifestyle, dietary habits, eating behaviors, sleep habits, exercise habits, and stress factors to understand your unique needs. This ensures nutritional recommendations are relevant and effective.

  • Balanced Diet and Meal Planning: We focus on helping you implement a nutrient-rich diet with a focus on whole and minimally-process foods.

  • Mindful Eating: Implementing mindful eating habits can help you move toward intuitive eating, helping you learn to trust your body and your body's hunger cues.  Identify emotional eating behaviors and triggers to improve your relationship with food.

  • Gut Health: Gut health is tied to mental health and overall well-being. We provide you with diet plans to improve your digestive health and, in turn, manage chronic disease, inflammation, and even mental health disorders.

  • Sustainable Practices: Implement dietary practices and eating plans that reduce the environmental impact. This can include choosing in-season fruits, vegetables, and fish and implementing strategies to minimize food waste. This can improve your long-term health as well as that of the planet.

  • Physical Activity and Sleep Hygiene: We provide you with tips to incorporate more physical activity into your everyday life. Likewise, we can give you strategies to improve sleep, including what foods and eating behaviors best promote sleep.

  • Education and Empowerment: Learn to read food labels for hidden ingredients (like salt and sugar). Identify foods that cause you to feel unwell. Feel empowered and informed to make the best food choices for your unique needs. 

  • Regular Monitoring: Adjust and assess nutrition plans as needed. 

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What is the difference between a holistic nutritionist and regular nutritionist?

A holistic nutritionist considers not only the nutritional aspects of food but also the broader context of an individual's lifestyle, including emotional and spiritual, while a “regular” nutritionist may focus more on narrowing down dietary guidance based on scientific evidence and not take into account the holistic aspects of health.


Ultimately both avenues share the goal of promoting health through nutrition, but holistic dietitians combine the science of nutrition with a comprehensive approach to healthcare, focusing on the whole body. 

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What is the holistic approach to nutrition?

A holistic dietitian focuses on the importance of eating whole, unprocessed foods, promoting balance, and addressing lifestyle factors like stress and exercise to support overall wellbeing.

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