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Raising Intuitive Eaters
{Sugar Series}

Are you constantly bribing your kids to eat their vegetables at dinner before letting them have permission to eat ice cream?


Or saying, “take three more bites before you can have a cookie!”


Are you afraid your kids can’t be trusted to eat sweets because they are addictive?


Do you fear you are failing as a parent if your child loves sweets?


Or even worse, fear that your child will end up in a larger body (insert society’s fat-phobic beliefs, sigh) if you let them eat sweets, restricting their access to them to prevent “issues” down the road?

Eating Cotton Candy
The Good News

Your child is not broken - nothing is wrong with them!!

You just need some guidance!

Parenting is hard enough, don’t allow sugary foods to make it any worse.

Gain access to our powerful online  Course!

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In our online self-paced Raising Intuitive Eaters Course, we focus on creating more peace and confidence around sugar and your kids relationship to sweet foods. 

If You want to Have
More Peace & Feel Confident
around seeing your children eat sugary foods, this course is for you!

If you yearn for the day when your child stops constantly asking if they can eat dessert at the dinner table, this course is for you.


If you are tired of the constant battle that sugary foods create in your household, this course is for you.


If you feel sweets need to be limited or tightly controlled for your kids to be healthy, this course is for you!

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Here's What You Get:

Group Access

3-months access to the program with a group discussion board and basic support.



Instant Access to the online recorded video lessons + a BONUS module on Sugar Myths

3 months of access to the program​​

Online Group forum to ask questions. 

Investment $140

What People are Saying

"Understanding and implementing the Division of Responsibility in Feeding really takes the pressure off meal times. I love sitting down to enjoy dinner with my family and I hope it’s a memory my kids enjoy when they’re older too."
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