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Routine Pregnancy Checkup

Pregnancy and Postpartum Dietitian Nutritionist in the St. Louis Area, Missouri, and Illinois - Access Prenatal Nutrition Care and Reduce the Risk of Complications During Pregnancy and Labor

Get Medical Nutrition Therapy and Individualized Diet Plans for Prenatal Support and Postpartum Healing in Illinois and Missouri

What is a pregnancy nutritionist?

A dietitian that works with pregnant or lactating moms helps foster a positive relationship for mom and baby around food and body ensuring energy needs are being met throughout this special time.


Should I see a nutritionist while pregnant?

If you are struggling with nourishing your body appropriately while pregnant and/or postpartum, a dietitian specializing in pregnancy can assist in making you feel confident in the way you are nourishing your body and your sweet growing baby’s body as well.


What does a dietitian do in pregnancy?

A dietitian can help monitor intake, ensure proper nutrient intake, work around diet modifications if there are complications such a gestational diabetes or anemia so the mom can feel confident  in feeding not only herself but her baby too.

Mom with Baby Carriage

What is the nutritional support for postpartum?

Nutrition support postpartum may entail reviewing current dietary intake to support post pregnancy goals of nursing or offering lactation consultation for the mom to be, in addition to meeting other nutrition related goals once baby has arrived.

How much does prenatal nutrition counseling cost?

We accept most major insurance companies and the majority of our clients pay little to nothing outside of copays or deductibles to meet with a member of our team. We also offer military discounts as we are not in network with Tricare. We always recommend checking your insurance benefits regarding nutrition coverage as coverage depends on the patient's individual insurance plan.

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