Ditch Diet Culture

Learn everything you need to know about Intuitive Eating & repairing your relationship with food and your body.

Can You Relate?  

Are you tired of the diets, the calorie counting, and the strict meal plans?

Do you feel out of control with food and don’t know what to eat anymore?

Have you tried every diet imaginable, but nothing seems to work?

Do you dream of the day you can enjoy food, freedom, and peace with your body?

Here's the thing...

You didn't fail the diet,

The diet failed YOU!

Your Body and Weight are not the problems here.

Our society is obsessed with thinness and diets. We are told thin = happiness.


Diets are short-term solutions to a long-term problem.

They leave you feeling deprived, hungry, and often cause you to eliminate entire food groups or label foods as “good” or “bad.”


Besides, labeling food as this perpetuates feeling guilt and shame any time a “bad” food is consumed. This is a recipe for feeling extremely frustrated, exhausted, and more confused than ever.

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Our Focus

No Diets!

No Restriction of foods groups.

We want to help you make peace with food and your body.

At Branz Nutrition Counseling, we believe YOU are the expert on your body AND that health is more than how much you weigh on the scale. We are a group of compassionate dietitians specializing in Intuitive Eating and body acceptance work.

We are eager to help others break free from diet culture.

Are you ready to leave the diet word in the dust and live a life being at peace with food and your body?

Gain access to our powerful online Intuitive Eating Course!

Ditch Culture Dropout Bootcampl

In our online self-paced Diet Culture Dropout course, we focus on the 10 principles of intuitive eating to help you repair your horrible, no-good relationship with dieting.

Hi I'm Erica!

I have worked with clients for over 15 years, guiding them to repairing their relationship with food.

Together, we work towards food freedom by redefining health, ditching the restrict-binge cycle, and embracing Intuitive Eating. I created this online course to help more people like you break up with the scale and find peace with their body.


My goal is to empower people to discover freedom from the cycle of dieting, step away from shame and guilt and fully restore their body image!


Check our our course packages to find the change you’ve been seeking.

 Erica Branz
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Our course  package

Get instant access to 10+ Intuitive Eating lessons, that will walk you through your own journey to healing your relationship with food and body. This self-paced course is for anyone ready to ditch dieting for good-whether you are brand new to Intuitive Eating, or just need a little more guidance, we have options for you!

What People are Saying about the Course

"I just finished module three about making peace with food. I worked with Erica

[1- on-1] in the past, and this element was one of the biggest OMG realizations I had. I would have NEVER EVER believed my cravings and obsessions and bingeing of certain foods could be reduced. I was actually replaying some of my conversations with Erica in my head as I watched this. I truly am now a believer that you restriction causes obsession, lack of control, etc. I hope everyone has the faith to try to introduce any “forbidden” foods back in their life (because it really can take a leap of faith). I now actually DO forget sweets that I have in my house, and I can open a bag of chips and just eat some without craving more. It’s so worth it!"

-Ditch Diet Culture Bootcamp Participant

Finally Ditch Diet Culture &
Make Peace with Food
Once and for All!

In this course you will learn how to implement the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating


Inside, we teach you everything you need to get started on your Intuitive Eating Journey.


Our Exclusive Packages

Group Access

Standard Version

6-months access to the program with a group discussion board and basic support.



6 months of access to the program​​

Live interactive discussion board to ask questions and get feedback from the team at Branz Nutrition and the Bootcamp community.

Basic program support

Investment $198

Private Access

V.I.P. Version

Lifetime access to the program with one 60-minute private Zoom session with a member of our intuitive eating team and 90 days of private VIP messaging + support.


12 months access to the program + updates

A private 60-minute intuitive eating session with a member of our team

Community Discussion Board

Investment $398

This course is not for those who are looking for a quick fix, your disordered eating relationship with food did not develop overnight and will certainly take time to improve. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you are obsessed with chasing the thin ideal, this course is not for you.