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Eating Disorder Treatment

Are you tired of feeling controlled by overwhelming food and body thoughts?

Are you tired of feeling guilt and shame around food?

Do you limit foods you eat for fear they will change your body?

Are you sick of the binge-restrict cycle with food?

Do you compensate for foods you eat with exercise?

Do you eat in secret?

Are you ready to make peace with food?

If some or all of these speak to you, you are NOT alone!


You have come to the right place and have already taken the hardest step in your recovery - acknowledging your disordered eating patterns. We commend you for standing up your eating disorder and to take back what’s yours!! Freedom around food, exercise, and your body. Be a prisoner no more!


When undergoing eating disorder treatment, it will not work if you are malnourished, or your brain is not functioning correctly. Our primary focus will be working through barriers that are preventing you from providing adequate nourishment to your body AND your mind. 

Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorder Recovery

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Our course and services can be provided in a variety of ways. 

Please use the chart to determine what is the best fit for you.

Insurance-based nutrition counseling is based on your insurance provider's approval and specific insurance plan. We can only provide services based on what they allow, following their specific guidelines. Such perimeters include:

  • Limitations in visits 

  • Requiring a certain amount of time in between appointments

  • No additional support between appointments 

  • Check your medical nutrition therapy benefits here.

While nutritional counseling can be beneficial for various conditions, we find that, specifically for those suffering from disordered eating, continuous support and ongoing accountability is the game changer in achieving recovery.

We developed and highly recommend our online intuitive eating program in conjunction with 1:1 sessions. Due to the limited structure that insurance-based counseling allowed for eating disorder recovery, we found that continuous support is not often sufficient for effective change.  Clients needed additional support and, without it, reported it prolonging their recovery to food freedom.

Our online course offers exactly this. 

We offer convenient online booking!

Serving clients online, and locally in O’Fallon, IL

and Webster Groves, MO

Telehealth sessions are available in the following states:


Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut

Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana

Iowa | Kansas | Michigan | Missouri | Nevada  

New Hampshire | Oklahoma | Oregon South Carolina | Texas

Utah | Vermont | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

Eating Disorder Treatment is a multi-disciplinary approach.

We recommend all our clients have a team in place.

A dietitian, therapist, psychiatrist, primary care doctor, pediatrician, etc.

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