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Niki Thomson

I am licensed in Missouri and waiting for insurance credentialing.

I accept clients who are interested in Recovery Coaching.
  • Sports Nutrition
  • ​General Nutrition
  • ​Men's Health

Age Groups: Adolescents to Adults

Schedule with Niki Thomson

Recovery Coaching is a service for those looking for extra support outside of their dietitian sessions. It adds another person to your support circle and is designed to help make your dietitian's recommendations easier to put into action!

Niki is a Registered Dietitian with a Master's in Nutrition and Physical Performance. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University for undergrad and completed her Master's combined Dietetic Internship at Saint Louis University.

Niki has been playing sports since elementary school and continues to do so. She has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional demands that athletes face. With client experience ranging from sedentary folk to Olympic athletes, she enjoys helping individuals find confidence in their food choices and movement. This involves helping individuals improve their relationship with food/body, acquire sustainable weight management, optimize performance, and/or increase self-efficacy.


After discovering her passion for streamlining systems, she also provides administrative assistance for client experience and our staff.

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