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Nutrition Counseling for the Whole Family

Is mealtime turning into a struggle?

Do you resort to incentives to coax your child into eating?

Can you count your child’s food preferences on just two hands?

Are you finding yourself customizing meals on demand?

Are you concerned about your child’s overall nutrition and growth?


If you’ve nodded along, you might be dealing with a picky eater. Picky eating is a common phase, with toddlers asserting control and older kids experiencing food fads. However, it can be more intricate, involving sensory or oral motor challenges. How you respond to picky eating influences the feeding relationship, exacerbating or mitigating the behavior.


At Branz Nutrition, we assess causes, address challenges, and tailor solutions for children aged 8 and younger through parent-focused guidance and, for older kids, feeding therapy with personalized approaches.

We offer convenient online booking!

Serving clients online, and locally in O’Fallon, IL

and Webster Groves, MO

Telehealth sessions are available in the following states:


Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut

Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana

Iowa | Kansas | Michigan | Missouri | Nevada  

New Hampshire | Oklahoma | Oregon South Carolina | Texas

Utah | Vermont | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

Eating Disorder Treatment is a multi-disciplinary approach.

We recommend all our clients have a team in place.

A dietitian, therapist, psychiatrist, primary care doctor, pediatrician, etc.

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