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Get Off the Restrictive Pendulum

The Restriction Pendulum is your body’s natural reaction to deprivation. When the pendulum swings over to the side of restriction—which diet culture frames as “success” and “being good”—inevitably there’s going to be a swing back in the other direction, because your body perceives restriction as dangerous.

Here’s what we want you to know: Your body is not broken.


You haven’t irreparably damaged your hunger and fullness sensors. Your body is trying to protect you. This is a natural, predictable, automatic response to famine — and that’s what diets are. It’s not you. You did not fail the diet, the diet failed you! The Restriction Pendulum is what allowed our species to survive, and we wouldn’t be here without it. But we don’t need to spend our lives swinging on that pendulum anymore. I mean you can if you want, but we live by the motto, that if what you are doing is not working, why not try something else?!

To reclaim your life back and reach your full potential, we need to stop The Restriction Pendulum.

We need to stop the restriction.

How do you do that, exactly?

By embracing FOOD FREEDOM, which focuses on Intuitive Eating utilizing a Health at Every Size Approach! Bam!

We have a solution to this vicious diet culture cycle….

Branz Nutrition's... Ditch Diet Culture Membership!

It re-teaches you how to tune out the diet-culture noise and tune in to your body’s cues about hunger, fullness, and satisfaction—and that helps you achieve stillness and peace with food. On your own. Every day, all day. It’s a really subtle form of skill-building that is literally transformative.

This can be life-changing. It’s the difference between bingeing every time you’re anywhere near a plate of cookies and forgetting about them after you eat a couple because you’re so engaged in conversation. Here’s what happens when you stop the restriction: YOU GET YOUR LIFE BACK. And that’s everything.


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