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The Fear of Weight Gain with Intuitive Eating (IE)

Have these reasons about Intuitive Eating (IE) been scary for you?

  • This idea that your weight is going to skyrocket when leaving disordered eating in the past?

  • The thought of having less control over food will lead to your body “blowing up"?

The fear of weight gain is a common barrier when starting IE and it makes sense. You’ve likely devoted a lot of time and energy to changing or manipulating your body for the sake of weight loss. Finally, releasing control over what happens to your weight with IE can feel like you’re throwing in the towel or “letting yourself go”.

You’re not alone. Diet Culture sells you lies that tell you that you can control your weight and you should. Any different and you’re made to believe that you’re lazy or a failure. Maybe you had a parent put you on a diet as a child, a doctor prescribed you weight loss advice, the clothing store didn’t carry your size, or a negative comment was expressed about your body weight.

Navigating this world in a larger body IS often more challenging.

Airplanes require an additional charge for an accommodating seat or a seat belt extender. Roller coasters, dining at restaurants, massage tables, and theater seats are often size-specific areas that make it uncomfortable for people in larger bodies to enjoy their experience. These are all a result of the way society has been trained to fear weight gain. When these instances occur, usually daily for those in larger bodies, it sends the message that only certain people get to participate in our world. This results in really questioning whether you deserve to belong. Everyone wants to be accepted by others and this includes physically fitting in too.

This is one topic we discuss in more detail in the Diet Culture Dropout: Learn To Eat “Normal” Again Monthly Membership. This has been brought up numerous times in 1:1 sessions and what better to share these concerns with like-minded people going through the same thing, recovering from disorder eating (aka: dieting, that may have landed into a full on eating disorder) with a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian to guide the way.

We like to think of this membership as an oil change to your recovery. Just like you car needs little pit stops here and there to refresh, refuel, and recharge, so does your recovery.

While our Ditch Diet Culture Program has been around for a few months, we recently revamped it into a monthly membership with a live Q&A session with others in the group with Erica Branz, MS, RD, LD, CEDS-C, RYT leading the meeting each month.

Because we added more content, a brand new structure in general, and a live call with a Dietitian, we are looking for FOUR people to test the waters for us at a discount rate.

If you are interested in being one of these four, please reach out to us at The discount rate is $40/month which is INSANE given all the content. You literally have nothing to lose except leaving diet culture to eat your dust!


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