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How many diets have you been on? How long did it last? Did you end up quitting eventually? Did you feel like you failed the diet? Can you relate?

News Flash!!!! You DIDN’T Fail the Diet, the Diet FAILED You!

We live in a culture that has trained us to distrust our bodies and tell us we should be eating this or that or not to eat after this time or that time, bananas are good for you, but the next diet they are bad for you! So, what is it?!?

Almost all the time, diets lead us toward shame and guilt and more confusion.

You were born knowing how to eat and how much. Diet culture disconnected you from that. Period!

Diets are short term, they make you feel “good” by giving this sense false that things will be better soon. They calm you and make you feel clear headed just by decided to start one. It’s something new, so there’s excitement. And of course, kudos from family and friends adding to all the height.

If you are fed up with Diet Culture and the idea that being in a smaller body means health (FYI: it doesn’t!), then sign up for our complimentary 15-minute call to learn more on why diets are not working.


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