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Eating Disorder Treatment in Missouri

Eating Disorder Dietitians

Our certified team of eating disorder dietitians provide personalized and comprehensive care to the St. Louis and surrounding area. We strive to create a supportive space where our patients can receive compassionate care and guidance on their journey toward health and healing.

At Branz Nutrition, we understand that every patient’s needs are unique and should be treated with respect, understanding, and evidence-based therapies. Our dietitians utilize an integrative approach to help individuals gain insight into their relationship with food and body image, rebuild mindful eating habits, learn to trust themselves again around food, and restore balance in their lives.

Our goal is to provide our patients with the tools they need for lasting recovery from disordered eating behaviors. 

We see patients both in-person or through our convenient telehealth services so that everyone can receive the support they need regardless of location or ability to travel. We accept some insurance plans and welcome referrals from primary care providers or mental health providers who recognize that nutrition counseling may be appropriate for their patient’s overall treatment plan.

We are committed to providing quality healthcare services to individuals in Missouri suffering from any type of disordered eating behavior or those needing help with binge eating, or Intuitive Eating support.

Our mission is simple: we want you to have a better relationship with food—and yourself! Reach out today if you'd like more information on how we can help you on your healing journey.

Our Eating Disorder Dietitians in Missouri


Michelle Wilson


Courtney Kerr


Alexis Hughes


Katie Jackson


Erica Branz

Office Address


24 South Gore 

Webster Groves, MO 63119


If you need more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, please be in touch.


You can contact us via phone, email, or by scheduling your own appointment below:

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